On account of the World Thinking-Day on dt-22-02-2012 ,All-Faith-Prayer  was organized in befitting manner on the assembly ground at 8 a.m.The whole school was in  a devotional mood.All the students  and teachers joined with the scouts, guides and cubs .

The principal of the vidyalaya  Sri K  Saseendran ,Advanced scoutmaster Mr Alok Jaiswal , Guide Captain Ms Sangita Devi  and Cub Master Mr.Pramod kumar Sahu and  Mr. Somabanta Sahu  took part wholeheartedly and managed the programme effectively.

The prayer made the morning atmosphere  soul soothing . There was the  individual prayer by the scouts and guides  from The Bibel , The Bhagvat Gita and  The Coran.

Our principal Sri K  Saseendran  lighted the lamp and garlanded the photo of Dr. Baden Powel  and  enlightened the students on the life of the father of the scouts and guides movements .He also made  the children aware of the non- biodegradable  substance like plastics ,rubber and glasses  which cause soil pollution. He advised to use gunny-bag which is eco-friendly in nature .He also displayed on paper bag made by a student of class –VIII.  He stressed on the slogan –“ Say No to Plastics”

He  explained about the moto of Scouts Movements  and encouraged the children to put the moto in to their behavior. He motivated them to be honest and made a challenge for them to alleviate telling lies each and every day.

In the after noon session there was a campus cleaning programme by the scouts and guides which was monitored by the Advanced Scouts Master Mr.Alok Jaiswal .

Then the scouts , guides and cubs were refreshed with some snacks and the programme ended.